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This year’s Summer Show is titled ‘Move’ and reflects the current dynamic status of the GSA. The engagement with the myriad ideas, themes, preoccupations and fascinations that the work of students and staff has embraced since its inception continues to shift both conceptually as well as physically as we move into our long-awaited new home at 69 Kingsway, JBS : Park. As we leave the strictures and limitations of the global pandemic behind and continue our critical transformative work, this year the GSA began the process of exploring the richness and complexity surrounding the role of Making in architectural production. We introduced Making alongside Practice and Architectural History and Theory (AHT) as a critical supporting programme for the Major Design Project in both years of the joint programme.

We are excited at what this promises for the expansion of the work of the School and the creative opportunities that Making offers to architectural education in relation to transformation, pedagogy and also importantly to practice. The work we produce aspires to address not simply the practical educational requirements required for the formation of an architect but to question what an architect is and does and also to satisfy the complex demands of the broader expansive discipline of Architecture and the desires and exigencies of an increasingly complex global society.

The work of architects confronts and engages with the past, the present and the future; states and conditions in perpetual flux, constantly shifting in and out focus, both finite and elusive. In this shifting ground the GSA works to provide a space for emergent spatial practitioners to hone intuitions and develop strategies to navigate the past, present and future with imagination and agility.

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