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Social Cultural Cohesion through Architecture and Music

Sibusiso Mazibuko

BArch Hons 2022

Unit Leader: Gregory Katz
Unit Tutor: Jaco Jonker
Unit Assistant: Senzo Mamba

Making... A Difference 2022
A chord is a group of notes which are typically three or more that sounded together form a basis of combined sound, harmony and colour. Each note alone has its own unique sound and pitch yet when pressed, strummed or picked alone sounds rather empty. In this project I will be using the concept of ‘togetherness’ through architecture and music to bring social cultural cohesion.

Music has the ability to bring people together and to bring much expression in identity of cultures in serving freedom of expression as a tool for people to define themselves. The combination of the right lyrics, rhythm and instruments can build a group identity, stir strong emotions through its power to engage audiences and amass people to take action.

This project presents music as the perfect partner for social cohesion in the city of Johannesburg particularly in Rosebank and Oxford Road.

Through architecture in this project, I propose an outdoor music area which will make unique sounds through unique acoustic properties which will pose social cultural art framework that will bring everyone together by making the site an instrument.

If architecture is frozen music, then music must be liquid architecture
-Quincy Jones

Ubuntu, Social Cultural Cohesion, Music, Sound

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