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The Rites of Analogue Fragments to Digital Fragments

Casey Nefdt

BArch Hons 2022

Unit Leader: Dickson Adu-Agyei
Unit Tutor: Veronica Chipwanya
Unit Assistant: Demi Bridgland

Spectres of the Frame
With the transitions of the next industrial revolution taking place, there maybe be a new identity crisis. I began my research with identity and simply how one could change their physical features. This raised a question on how identity affects experience. What is the identity of architecture? With technology developing and certain items falling away, how is our experience of space affected? Physical designs work together as one whole system containing psychological vortexes and hostile designs.

The basic building block of the digital platform is a pixel and in 3D form is a bit or voxel. As one moves from one digital space to another, you move from one experience to another. All these spaces are influenced by each other and in some cases are experienced in a specific order.

To communicate this I used the idea of a game and narrative. I seek to explore how architectural elements may be used in the digital to continue this idea of delusion and manipulation. There is no grounded system in the Meta verse but by using manipulative digital spaces, we may be able to replicate the physical system of the real life casino with its successful architectural persuasions.

Outcome: Film of a Game

Proposition: To leave the question: what is the role of the architect in different verses?

Transitions, Physical, Virtual, Mirroring Worlds, Identity, Manipulation, Social reality, Experience

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