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Staged Residence

Robyn Swift

BArch Hons 2022

Unit Leader: Dickson Adu-Agyei
Unit Tutor: Veronica Chipwanya
Unit Assistant: Demi Bridgland

Spectres of the Frame
Dissecting and understanding the elements and atmosphere of the stage, to inform/influence the design and function of residential spaces.

A stage is a platform through which one experiences and/or expresses narratives. The space has the ability to flex and change to fit/contain the vast narrative told on/through it. The flexible nature of the stage is due to its ability to adapt itself to the performance.

Can one analyse and understand the ‘performances’ of a residential space and then create stages in which these ‘performances’ take place, building the ‘set’ of a house, through understanding the ‘actions’ of the performance?

Through superimposing elements of the stage onto the site (54 Mendelssohn Road, Franklin Roosevelt Park), to evaluate if spaces and elements of the residential space fit/fall within the typical element uses of a Proscenium Arch Stage. Then adjusting the spaces (if needed) to better focus on the performances, in line with the process of the stage. Additionally, exaggerating and focusing on the most done 'performances' on the site by the various residents and isolating these 'performances' in the spaces and areas used by the residents to uncover the essence and relations of the layout and related 'performances' on the site.

Stage, Residence, Re-Imagine, Narrative, Essence, Performance, Exaggerate

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