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Landscapes of Integration

Landing Ground for Migrants

François de Kock

MArch 2022

Unit Leader: Jiaxin Yan Gong
Unit Assistant: Ruth Manda
Unit Assistant: Thandeka Mnguni

Rogue Roots: Magic of Port and Passage
According to Mideq, over 67,000 refugees, 230 000 recognised asylum-seekers, and many more immigrants have crossed into the country. South Africa has the largest single concentration of (non-camp) refugees and asylum-seekers in Southern Africa with the Ethiopian, Zimbabwean, Mozambican and Malawian communities forming the significant immigrant groups. This work investigates the study of proxemics, being the physical space between two individuals during various forms of interaction which is then used to determine the closeness of their relationship based on our natural comfort zones. This is explored to test the possibility to curate landscapes according to the various zones of comfort to create opportunities of engagement at different levels. This is tested to speculate and propose different ways in which we can create spaces for migrant or dislocated groups of people to engage and reproduce forms of a community while removed from their homes. This work will use natural landscape elements, particularly vegetation to curate these spaces located at Joubert Park. The vegetation will trace the lineage of plant species to speak to our African history and relations to present landscapes of familiarity. Plants of similar families to that of the immigrant groups will be used to recreate landscapes of home as grounds for new relationships.

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