18:00 SAST

18:00  SAST

Erased Heritage Landscapes

Danielle Gruner

MArch 2022

Unit Leader: Dr. Finzi Saidi
Unit Leader: Mathebe Aphane
Unit Tutor: Bonolo Masango
Unit Tutor: Nomalanga Mahlangu

Landscapes of Memory


This project aims to connect the erased memory of the Old Location with the other collective memories contributing to the independence of Namibia. The Old Location was a ‘township’ for many years, and when the municipality proposed moving it along the city’s margins, the residents refused. The many encounters that the Old Location residents had with the municipality contributed to the tensions between them, resulting in the tragic massacre and removal of the residents to Khomadal and Katutura, which played a prominent role in Namibia’s fight for freedom. I started analysing what was erased and what remained where the location was formerly located. 

Most of the resident’s houses were demolished, however, there are a few spaces which are still standing that played a role in the lives of the location residents. I am proposing the design of a fragmented memorial. The memorial will be fragmented, a metaphor for the remaining scattered heritage from the old location. The spaces will be connected through a route. Through my interventions, I would like to find intentional means to expose the erased layers of the old location. In a way, I wish to effectively erase the “unpleasant” layers and leave the wanted ones for participants to experience. 

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