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Element Ornamentation

The Aesthetics of Weathered Façades

Tallest Building in the city. Hasset, W. Unit 17. 2021
Tallest Building in the city. Hasset, W. Unit 17. 2021

Wade Glenn Hassett

MArch 2021

Unit Leader: Gregory Katz
Unit Tutor: Jaco Jonker
Unit Assistant: Senzo Mamba

UNIT 17︎︎︎
To Be Orna-ment To Be
We live in an environment surrounded by buildings. Buildings are characterised by their materials, the scale, the timeline, and the location. Our buildings tell us a story. They portray the story of our history and our objectives through ornamentation. However, in my observations, I have noticed a missing chapter in the story. In this thesis, I will highlight how the elements create ornamentation.

A building's exposure to the elements is unique depending on its position relative to the sun, the rain and the prevailing winds.

My objective for this year is to bring awareness and understanding to our ever-changing climate by creating a visual performance of the elements on an existing building in a poetic way. To make the unseen seen, to expose, express, and celebrate the beauty of our seasons on a building's façade. There is magic in the aging and weathering process. I wish to highlight these markings and portray the beauty and the opportunity that they have to offer.

This is the story of our elements and how they create ever-changing ornamentation.

Column Weathering, Ornamentation, Natural Elements, Weathering

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