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Looking at Building Practice in South Africa

It is in the banal tasks through repetition that innovation is conceived. Kgatla, T. Unit 17. 2021
It is in the banal tasks through repetition that innovation is conceived. Kgatla, T. Unit 17. 2021

Tebogo Kgatla

MArch 2021

Unit Leader: Gregory Katz
Unit Tutor: Jaco Jonker
Unit Assistant: Senzo Mamba

UNIT 17︎︎︎
To Be Orna-ment To Be
In South Africa the construction industry remains largely labour intensive where the majority of what is built is built by the hands of the labourer. Architects’ knowledge of process on site are notoriously limited, because they don’t spend enough time on site. This divorced play is counterproductive, they are not aware of methods and culture on site additionally during their formal training. The project looks to subvert the traditional hierarchies of architect and builder to make the design process more collaborative, more of a feedback loop, where making informs design and vice versa.

The project aims to magnify the value of the labourer and to draw on their deep well of knowledge. The project will document the importance of using craftmanship on site to enhance execution of designs as well as highlight the possible consequences associated with neglecting the use of building by hand in the architecture industry. The research will sharpen the architect’s practical skills and the material will benefit scholars conducting research in the related field of study. Architects will use the research as a tool to understand the importance and benefits associated with working by hand at different construction stages which will benefit the design and also benefit the labourer.
Labour, Workers, Construction Industry, Exploitation, Hierarchy, Craftsmanship

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