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Domestic Subversions of Nation-Building Medias

The Politics of the Afrikaans Language. Shaw. S. Unit 14. 2021.
The Politics of the Afrikaans Language. Shaw. S. Unit 14. 2021.

Suné Shaw

MArch 2021

Unit Leader: Thireshen Govender
Unit Leader: Jiaxin Gong
Unit Tutor: Sarah Harding

UNIT 14︎︎︎
Rogue Economies - Trade Roots: HOME
Viewing home as a form of nation-building this body of work seeks to propose a publication house emerging from the home-making practices of the domestic environment to counter the forces of the media and intelligentsia used by the Apartheid State. Essentially shifting the power of the media from the political environment to the domestic as a counter act to the effects of the media as a tool of oppression.

As nations rise and fall, the definitions of nation-building changes and the emphasis of nation changes scales, moving between the larger national scale to the smaller intimate scale of the domestic home. Nation- building is a complex project consisting of numerous tools, devices and systems. Some of the key devices include media and intelligentsia such as propaganda, newspapers, speeches, acts and more specifically a codified language to create ideas of unity and power.

In the case of South Africa and our history, particularly Apartheid, the Afrikaans language was employed as a key tool used to build a separatist nation, thus negating some of the subversive powers and agency it has at times afforded subjugated communities during the slave trade.

This project suggests that the home is a powerful space and that the everyday acts and rituals is not simply an act of making home but an act of making a nation.

Propaganda, Subversion, Transcribe, Afrikaans, Media, Legislation

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