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Eclipse of the Patriarchy

Recipe for Disaster. Manack, R. Unit 19. 2021.

Razeenah Manack

BArch Hons 2021

Unit Leader: Tuliza Sindi
Unit Tutor: Muhammad Dawjee
Unit Assistant: Lynette Breed

UNIT 19︎︎︎
The Act of Service: The Myth of Violence
Architecture is the built realisation of a society’s ideologies and cultural concepts and therefore serves as a tool of representation which physically reinforces the cultural and traditional beliefs of a society. Through the process of designing women out of mosque architecture, mosques transform from sanctuaries into spaces of violence through the exclusion of women.

My project explores the concept of placemaking in mosques by designing women back into the architecture of mosques as a way to physically rescript their belonging in society and places of worship.

The project proposes a bathhouse which orbits above Auwal Mosque in Cape Town. The bathhouse design is based on extensive research of the religion’s core principles and teachings in relation to the culturally established structures that exist in Cape Town today. This proposition serves as a defense mechanism for Muslim women against gendered expectations of patriarchal societies as it becomes symbolic of a space where women are allowed to carry out sacred rituals in a place of spiritual healing without adhering to gendered expectations.

Through narrative fiction, my proposition operates at the 1:200 and 1:50 scales to more intimately explore the cross-sectional relationship of space and architecture allocated to men and women in mosques in relation to the lunar cycles and sightings of the moon.

Violence, Gendered, Gendered Space, Ritual, Identity

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