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Responsive Architecture

Structures that Respond to its Users and the Future of Urbanite Spaces


Mohamed Ismail

MArch 2021

Unit Leader: Gregory Katz
Unit Tutor: Jaco Jonker
Unit Assistant: Senzo Mamba

UNIT 17︎︎︎
To Be Orna-ment To Be
We live in an age where the digital and the physical are no longer separate, they have come to coexist and work to create a better future for mankind. Architecture and urban design should not merely be about functional and simple aesthetic considerations.

Visually buildings are generally rigid and static structures and usually the parts that move and flex normally require human operation. But these mechanical inventions are seldom responsive to the unpredictability of human interactions.

Responsive architecture is designed to assist the user to enhance their experience within the space. Imagine if structures could be a piece of art or functional furniture. This project is about bringing new possibilities to a space which may seem boring.

How can we take these simple movements and recreate a sense of excitement and exploration within the structure? The effect of doing this will create a new sense of the structure, it will create a level of uncertainty to the user. My intention will be to give the user a choice on how they wish to interact with their environment. The experience of movement initiates excitement and a desire to reimagine what the space is and what potential it may hold. The structures will react to the way the user moves through it. The structures will morph and disturb depending on where the user directs themselves around it.

The project will allow us to explore the movements of structures with regards to how people move and interact with their surroundings, as if they have no idea what happens next.

Responsive Architecture, Urbanite Spaces, Prototype

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