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Reclaiming the Black Female Body

Hidden Body. Malebye, K. Unit 14. 2021.
Hidden Body. Malebye, K. Unit 14. 2021.

Katlego Malebye

MArch 2021

Unit Leader: Thireshen Govender
Unit Leader: Jiaxin Gong
Unit Tutor: Sarah Harding

UNIT 14︎︎︎
Rogue Economies - Trade Roots: HOME
“Time has become a capital, there is time you invest, save and spend with your loved ones. So if you wait for a long time, it can feel like wasted time. Waiting (a form of wasted time) is a temporal praxis, whose political dimension is more likely to be missed by those who make people wait than those who wait for access.”
- Khosravi 2021: 46.

Wasted time is a power position controlled and created by the State used in the form of domination. It is a delaying technique or strategy to keep a certain group of people in lower situations of hierarchies in society.

My research is looking at how time has been stolen from the Black Body through numerous historical Acts. I will be investigating three types of Acts. The first Act is medical procedures where the Black Body was used and not acknowledged. The second Act is how time is being prolonged for the Black Body by travelling long distance through Apartheid planning. The last Act happens within the domestic environment of the home. It investigates how time is not afforded based on limited domestic spaces where the minimum consists of a bedroom, kitchen and the bathroom. This excludes the study, the living room and recreational spaces, thus removing education, work and family states of the Black home.

What are the tensions between Kairos (qualitative) and Chronos (quantitative) in the evaluation ofthe black body in South African history where such losses are exponentially manifest in our everyday environments?

Home, Waiting, Time, Kairos, Chronos, History, Blackness

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