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Homing Cities

Delineating Constitutions for Those off the Map

Structured grid, ISO Section, possible spaces. Wall of Irony. van Niekerk,T. Unit 13. 2021.
CHARTERED: 4 INSTINCTS + 1 GENE. Rech, G. Unit 14. 2021.

Gio Rech

MArch 2021

Unit Leader: Thireshen Govender
Unit Leader: Jiaxin Gong
Unit Tutor: Sarah Harding

UNIT 14︎︎︎
Rogue Economies - Trade Roots: HOME
Homing speaks of two conditions: a navigational tendency in which features such as beacons, architectures and incorporeal systems are used to read home in fluctuant landscapes; and the approach of formal and legislative powers like the Bill of Rights to “blueprint” the future home. The term’s apparent disjunct for those forced to live precariously in the margins, organising societal structures themselves, calls for a spatial reinterpretation of the South African Constitution.

The two conditions are represented and investigated through a new cartographic language: itinerant plotting refers to the dynamic plotting or drawing of the im/migrant’s journey through liminal space. This method of plotting is a response to the unpredictable influences in an uncertain voyage and paper is used and manipulated in several ways with the intention of drawing out the relationship between Home’s fragility and its many imaginary principles.

The proposal is focused on pushing this notion that home is a far more fluid construct which can be read, negotiated and programmed into space other than its origin. It proposes a spatial deformation of the two versions of “Homing” through complex sectional drawings to organise a potential reinterpretation of what constitutes a Home using augmentable architectures as writing tools.

Lacuna, Post-Liminal Fuzz, Limens, Homing, Peripatetic, Itinerant, Spatiovore, Gadabout, Indexical

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