18:00 SAST

18:00  SAST

The Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Johannesburg continues to pursue Teaching & Learning and Design Research through the Unit System Africa and through the lens of a Transformative Pedagogy.

This year’s Summer Show is titled ‘Evolve’ and evokes the current condition of the School as it moves from its ‘start-up’ mode to broader and deeper engagement with the myriad ideas, themes preoccupations, and fascinations that the work of students and staff has embraced since its inception. Work this year – as was the case in 2020 – presented many challenges as a consequence of the global pandemic. Staff and students have all struggled and in many cases against all odds miraculously ensured that our important work not only continues but continues to thrive. The work we produce aspires to address not simply the practical educational requirements of the formation of an architect but also to serve the complex interests and demands of the expansive discipline of Architecture and the desires and needs of a complex and emergent society.

As new, often bewildering, global orders emerge, the work of creative practitioners must both respond to and anticipate how our futures might be. This is the world of the spatial imaginary. The work of the GSA is located in the context of this dynamic flux, a context in which our work continues to evolve.


Line up:

Launch of the Show
Address from GSA Director
Unit and Student Reflections
Awards ceremony

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