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Paris is Bleeding

Obfuscating Hegemonic Space in Favour of Authentic Performance

A Lexicon of gazes. Fernandes, D. Unit 14. 2021.
A Lexicon of gazes. Fernandes, D. Unit 14. 2021.

Dylan Fernandes

MArch 2021

Unit Leader: Thireshen Govender
Unit Leader: Jiaxin Gong
Unit Tutor: Sarah Harding

UNIT 14︎︎︎
Rogue Economies - Trade Roots: HOME
“No space is totally queer or completely unqueerable [...]. Queer space is imminent: queer space is space in the process of, literally, taking place, of claiming territory.”
- Christopher Reed (1996:64)

Queering Home seeks to employ tactics and methods of performativity and ethnography to rescript the rituals and acts performed within the house and the haus. This will be done through a series of investigations to understand the (hetero)normative architectures which will allow for its subversion to propose the queer spaces through home-making performatives. These will be documented through the fictional lens of choreographed photography and videography as a means of “performing reality until reality complies”. The performativities are intended as oppositional acts of protest to (hetero)normative architectures and structural relations.

This body of work seeks to reclaim and highlight the power and politics of the term “queer” and the acts of “queering”. This reveals the limitations of architecture as built form in its capacity to hold more complex arrangements of home-making and belongings of a community, who have historically been “othered” by (hetero)normative ideologies and the architectures of these ideologies. Queering Home alludes to alternative ways of constructing the spatial environment that results from performativity as a form of fiction that is located in the politics of (hetero)normative realities and relations of our everyday to allow for these “fictions” to encroach and ultimately consume the normative, thus disintegrating its associated ideologies and architectures in favour of the “queer”.

Escape, Reality, Fantasy, Border, Divide, Queer, Valarium, Performance, Choreography

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